Solid Plus Gear Box

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Aluminium Worm Gear Box

  • Box 25 to 150
  • Frame 56 to Above
  • Radio 7.5 to 100

Planetary Gear Boxes

  • 3 to above RPM
  • foot mounting
  • flange mounting

Helical Gear Box

  • 0.25 hp to above
  • helical gear box
  • 0.25 hp to above

Cast Iron Worm Gear Boxes

  • 40 CD to 150
  • 5 to 100 ratio
  • 63 to Above Frame
K.S. Industries supplies different types of Solid Plus Gear Boxes like Aluminium Worm Gear Box, Planetary Gear Boxes, Planetary Gear Boxes, Helical Gear Box Cast Iron Worm Gear Boxes. A special technology not very common in India. K.S. Industries also undertakes to manufacturer worm reduction gear boxes with aluminium body & shaft mounted gear boxes. So, we will see a good range of products being regularly manufactured by the company. Thousands of our gearboxes are working successfully in India. This is to ensure all customers receive the very best in goods and service.