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A.C Torque Motors

  • 0.25 HP to 15 HP
  • A.C Torque Motors
  • 0.25 HP to 15 HP

A.C Synchronous Motors

  • 3 and 7 torque
  • 10,20 and 40 torque
  • 240 and 60 RPM
K.S. Industries provides two types of Solid Plus AC Motor like A.C Torque Motors (0.25 HP to 15 HP) and A.C Synchronous Motors (10,20 and 40 torque; 240 and 60 RPM). We are ‘One stop solution’ for products in the field of geared power transmission. K.S. Industries is well known for providing different AC motor products for more than two decade. Backed up by team of highly qualified & focused team of professionals, we are responsible for complete customer satisfaction by providing good quality products at cost effective prices & just in time delivery.